How to spend it

Comming soon

The functions of the $YAKU token within the Yakuverse will include:

  • Purchasing upgrades in the Yakuverse store to customize your motorcycles, avatars and capsules,
  • Gambling within the Yakuverse casino ($YAKU integration coming),
  • Gambling on races - between racers and as spectators,
  • Shopping in the Yakuverse mall,
  • Premium Yakuverse experiences (concerts and other such events to be decided by the DAO),
  • Renting motorcycles, Renting spaces (event center for private events, waterfront, etc.).

To assure the continued deflationary action of $YAKU, 10% of all tokens spent on items in the metaverse store will be burned from supply. Of the other 90%, 45% will go to the Yaku team should they be team created assets and another 45% will go to the DAO wallet. Should the items be created by partners, 30% will go to the DAO wallet and the