As a team, we are Solana NFT natives. We have experienced the highs of a good flip and seeing a collection you have been diamond handing finally take off. We have also experienced the lows of a hard rug or a project that slowly dwindles due to lack of owner activity.

Our North Star for this project is to provide the best Metaverse experience we can for the entire Solana ecosystem, getting as many other positive contributors in the space involved as we can, and to stay true to our anime and cyberpunk inspirations. We understand this is a large undertaking, but we are committed to continually innovating and elevating the experience in the Yakuverse alongside our holders. We have collaborated with the community from the beginning and will only double down on this collaboration in the future. We are building our own world, together, and on an infinite timeline, there is nothing we cannot accomplish.

Let’s create the dopest Metaverse where all Solana communities could play around.