The Yakuverse

The Yakuverse

The Yakuverse will be the open-world metaverse in which the collections eventually live and thrive. Alongside our community, we decided to base the map layout on the city of Hong Kong, and Yaku Tower will sit on the waterfront.

Within the Yakuverse we will implement different community buildings that offer unique experiences and opportunities, including:

  • DAO towers - separate buildings where members of specific collection DAO’s can have all of their capsules together, rather than within Yaku Tower, as well as community event spaces like conference rooms for DAO meetings,
  • Public galleries - suitable for up-and-coming projects to display their work, established projects to discuss roadmap updates, independent artists to host events, etc. with Yaku holders,
  • Event center - should partners like Magic Eden want to host a virtual conference, also suitable for Steve Aoki to DJ a show for Yaku holders,
  • Casino - facilitated by our partners at the High Roller Hippo Clique and Parlay, you and your friends will be able to gamble in style together. We will collaborate together on things like poker leagues and tournaments,
  • Universities - through our partnership with The Fellowship, Yakus will have the opportunity to pursue online education with one another in a more social setting
  • Metaverse store - the metaverse store will be accessible through your capsule home. This is where you will have access to things like alternative outfits for your avatar, new exhaust systems for your motorcycles, alternative textures for your capsule, etc.,
  • Yaku Mall - a showcase for other NFT projects we have partnered with to show their goods. Through our partnership with Anybodies you will be able to purchase fashionable clothes made by their team for your avatar.

You will then be able to pair them with the kicks of your choosing from our other partners. We are open and excited to develop new opportunities with other partners in this area,

  • Yakushima Championship - Yaku Corp. organizes the world’s first Cybermotor racing championships. Crypto-Projects will be able to set up their own stables, alone or in collaboration, and compete with their own avatar (Yaku or other) in order to showcase their skills and win various prizes.

On a longer timeline we recognize the need for the Yakuverse to expand. Physically and metaphorically. The map will be created in such a way to facilitate further land sales and expansions as well as gen 2, 3, etc. of all of our collections. We also plan to inevitably implement an advertising platform within the Yakuverse.

The history of brilliant, colorful advertising in Japan is one we think will not only fit in with our cyberpunk world, but lend to its authenticity.

These decisions will be made hand in hand with the DAO to assure our growth is intentional and beneficial to the continued success of the project as well as its earliest adopters.

We also plan to work with the DAO to better define the experiential direction of the project by discussing concepts such as:

  • Professions - an example being training in cybernetics and developing prosthetic avatar upgrades you could sell on the metaverse store for $YAKU,
  • Quests - creating NPC’s within the Yakuverse and objectives to level up items/skills,

Airdrops/complimentary mints - things like pets and other forms of transportation have already been raised

We built the Yakuverse using Unreal Engine (UE, Unity and Three.js), we did a 4 weeks test on the capsule to understand core values of both technologies, and test our framework to make the best choice for the future of the project.

UE is definitely the most powerful engine to create amazing photorealistic effects, and scalable solutions for a gaming application. But there is no existing, convenient local hub for NFT applications.

We will look into the difficulty of creating such a central hub for not only our project but future projects launching on Solana as well.

We’re now working with an UE Studio to develop the Yakuverse quickly and surely. As technology changes and accessibility to better computing power becomes more commonplace, we will be evaluating if this is still the best course to follow. We will also be working to implement the Yakuverse experience in full AR/VR. We’ll offer different graphics options to suite every computing powers.