Maintaining Rarity

With the implementation of customization, many have wondered if the rarity of their bikes will be altered or diminished. Given the information regarding tiers for upgrade purchases, we want to assure our holders that rare upgrades will be significantly more difficult to acquire. However, to maintain the “sanctity” of the mint, no rare cosmetic attributes that were minted will be able to be purchased in the Yaku store. Any minted motocycles or avatar with an attribute that is found on fewer than 10% of the total supply will not be available for purchase through the Yaku store.

We will, inevitably, roll out new upgrades that are even more rare and potentially more desirable than some mint traits, but we understand your first love is important.

Given the daily airdrop/staking yield is 30 $YAKU per complete set with a staked motorbike, a maximum total of ~210,000 $YAKU can be generated per day, 76,650,000 per year from these methods. Should all of these tokens be used in the $YAKU store, that would burn 7,665,000 $YAKU permanently from circulation, or 1.533% of the entire supply. The DAO, Team and collaborative partners can respectively choose to reintroduce their $YAKU tokens acquired from these sales into the ecosystem or further burn the supply.