How to get it

There will be 3 primary ways to acquire $YAKU within the Yakuverse

  • Staking your collections: you will receive:

    • 2 $YAKU per day for every motorcycle Tiers are based on rarity (with normalize traits and statistical rarity toggled) : Tier1 = 1 to 350 => +50% Tier2 = 351 to 2100 => +20% Tier 1 (Kosoku samarukyanon Weapon) = +50% bonus Tiers 2 (Supercharger Engine) = +20% bonus
    • 6 $YAKU per day for every capsule. Tier 1 (Galactic Penthouse) = +50% bonus Tiers 2 (Space Suite) = +20% bonus
    • 4 $YAKU per day for every avatar

An additional 12 $YAKU per day for each complete set of three you are holding

  • Racing your motorcycle: Every first place finish grants the winner 3 $YAKU, second place 2 $YAKU and third place 1 $YAKU

In a two year timeline, this will mean:

  • A maximum of 122,640,000 $YAKU, 24.53% of the entire supply, can be distributed via air-drop should 7,000 unique individuals hold complete sets,
  • A maximum of 30,660,000 $YAKU, 6.13% of the entire supply, can be distributed via motor-cycle staking,
  • If all 7,000 motorcycles are owned by unique holders and each holder acquires 60 $YAKU via racing every day (twenty 1st place finishes, 30 second place, etc.), 306,600,000 $YAKU, 61.32% of the entire supply, will be distributed via racing.

The remaining 8.02% will be set aside and distributed via prize pools for race tournaments, marketing efforts and other DAO decided purposes.